We understand that security is at the heart of what we do!

No matter how much technology changes the logisitics industry one thing will not change. When you leave your cargo or equipment in a drop yard it needs to be safe. Security comes first at Fleet Yards. We have deleveloped proven security protocols. That is why wehave a near zero loss rate while operating multiple drop yards in one of the nation's highest theft rate markets, Southern California.

Experienced Staff

The key to making any security protocol work is quality staff. We have all employees screened prior to working to ensure sure their background does not raise any security concerns. After begining employment all staff is full trained in our security protocols and use of yard security technology. With a low staff turnover rate, and the majority of our employees having worked for us for multiple years, we have some of the most experienced staff in Southern California.

Fully Insured Yards

While a combination of experienced staff, proven security protocols and technology has allowed Fleet Yards to achieve an almost zero loss rate while operating multiple yards in one of the country's highest cargo theft areas. We know that to our clients that one in million loss is everything. That is why we carry insurance policies on every yard to cover our clients' cargo and equipment from theft or damage. When you park at Fleet Yards you can truly feel safe.

Technology Focus

Effective use of technology has allowed Fleet Yards to create some of the most secure container yards in Southern California. From motion triggered high powered halogen lighiting to HD CCTV cameras we incorproate some of the latest security devices on our yards. Read more below to get an ideal of how we put technology to work in keeping your cargo and equipment safe.

Take A Quick Look

Take a moment to find out more about some of the technology and security features we place on our yards. Once you do, you will understand why Fleet Yards has an almost zero loss rate across all of its Southern California yards.

HD CCTV Camers

We use state of the art HD cameras on the yards to allow for high image detail and more useful information both via live feeds and recrded playback.

Halogen Lighting

Both static and motion triggered halogen lighting is used on our yards to make sure that the area is viasable and secure at all times.

Offsite Monitoring

Offsite monitoring of the yards adds a second layer of protection in times when guards on the ground may be immobilized or out of communication.

Alarmed Perimeter

We utilize alarmed perimeter fencing creating an early warning for the guards before an unauthorized person can even get over the fencing and onto the yard.

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