We Started And Continue To Focus On Providing Custom Solutions.

No two logistics businesses are identical. That is why we provide the custom solutions for our clients that want to get the most out of today's technology. Whether it is building a solution from nothing but a client's idea to modifying an existing yard protocol to more specifically meet our clients' needs we are there for you.

One Account, Many Yards

With numerous locations throughout Southern California we are sure to have an available yard where you need it. And once you are a Fleet Yards client, you have access to all of our locations. No need to sign a contract for each yard, in fact you will get one invoice no matter how many yards you use during the month.


On-site Repairs and Maintenance

We understand that our clients make their profit moving cargo. That is why if your equipment one of our yards is broken or needs maintenance we provide designated areas where you can have it repaired, eith by your own mechanic or ours. Avoiding a costly equipment move just for repairs.


Electronic Inventory & Reports

Our system will send your office reports throughout the day keeping them informed of inventory, yard availability levels, bad order status and much more. If our system does not have a report you need we will have it made and add it to your dailiy dsitribution list.


Client Controlled Release

You write the book on how your cargo or equipment is supposed to be released from our yards. Our expeierenced staff will utilize customer requested release protocols. Weather it is simply using reservation numbers to detailed security requirements, our staff will get it done.


Third Party Intergration

Our technology currently intergrates directly into the computer systems of some of the largest logistics companies in the country. Using EDI technology we are able to connect our yard management system into any thrid-party system that accepts EDI transfers.

Customer Support

We provide our clients with free on site yard support. From staging trailers using our yard goats to client requested special log out procedures, our ground crew is there to help your drivers. Our office staff is also there to help your dispatch and administrative staff with all their needs.

Electronic Billing & Payment

We privde a unified billing allowing you to be recieve one bill for all of the yards you use, cutting down on your administrative time. Our invoice can be delivered electronically along with a detailed back file of all invoiced units, allowing for a complete audit of every invoice. And once you are ready to pay, we provide methods to pay electronically.

Fully Insured Yards

We take the care our clients entrust in us seriously. That is why we provide insurance coverage on all cargo and equipment without an extra charge. Once you leave your cargo or equipment with Fleet Yards you can rest assured that it is safe against all damage or theft.

Nationwide Yards Available

While Fleet Yards is your specialized solution for all your Southern California secure drop yard needs, often you need the same great service and systems in other markets. Working seamlessly with Fleet Services we can assit you in obtaining the same services and benefits you like about Fleet Yards across the entire continental United States.

Get Started As A Customer of Fleet Yards Today!

Submit a simple online request to get your company setup as a Fleet Yards client in the yard of choice today. We can also setup a single account accross all of our yards, offering you the greatest parking flexability and with streamlined invoicing using one bill for all yards reduced administrative burdens.

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