We invest heavily in the future of logistics

At Fleet Yards we believe that to stay relevant and competitive in today's logistics industry you need to intergrate technology into your yards. With that belief at the center of our growth stategy we have invested heavily in some of the most innovative and cutting edge technolgy projects in the logistics industry. Take a few moments to learn more about where we are today and where we will be tomorrow.

Yard Management System

Working with some of the nation's largest logistics companies we built a yard management system from the ground up to reflect the way operations are actually done.


Auto Client Reports

We provide auto emails when a bad order unit is in gated. We also provide daily inventory and real time availability reports to help clients' dispatch stay current.


Container Recognition

We are investing in having container recognition systems installed on our yards to provide more accurate inventory and gate records in real-time.


Paperless Handbills

We are developing a paperless system to keep and link driver handbills to gate transactions for instant retrival when clients require more information.


Optical Damage Imaging

Our new imaging system takes a digital picture of all container sides while coming in or out, storing them for comparison should damage claims arise.

Reefer Monitoring

We have delveloped a reefer monitoring system that not only registers and tracks reefer fuel levels but sends auto warnings when refueling is required.

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